Reviews and Accolades

Gary Gilbreath, VP Manufacturing, Badger Sheet Metal Co.

“I’ve read Lean Manufacturing for Job Shops two times in the last 2 weeks. As a VP of Manufacturing for several large job shops in North Eastern Wisconsin, the book is so right on, it’s unbelievable.”

Gary Jugenheimer Review for Injection Molding Magazine.

“I am excited about this book because I know the ideas presented work. I have seen them succeed in my work. Mr. Bozzone knows the way to drive continuous improvement and so will you by applying the information found in his book. ”

Kenneth D. Mackenzie, Edmund P. Learned Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas

“Vincent Bozzone’s new book, Speed to Market, provides workable and wise advice for job shops and clear analyses of their special problems. His message is clear, positive, and helpful. A well-read copy of Speed to Market should be on the desk of every job shop manager.”

James A.F. Stoner, Professor of Management Systems, Graduate School of Business, Fordham University, New York City

Speed to Market presents good, sound step-by-step instructions on how to reduce lead time and improve a company’s competitive position. Any job shop or custom manufacturing business would benefit by following Bozzone’s advice.”

Chris Emmons, President, Human Resource Professionals

Speed to Market provides a truly impressive set of lessons guaranteed to reduce customer wait time 75% or more. Not only of value to line management, this easy-to-comprehend book provides any staff member with the knowledge needed to establish credibility with management while making a strategic contribution to their organization. Read this book now! Your customer is waiting!”

Larry Olson, Editor, Modern Applications News

Speed to Market Separates Winners from Losers. I usually don’t have time to do book reviews, but … I just had to make an exception. …the best part is the format of the book itself. It’s easy to read and contains detailed, step-by-step, how-to-do-it information that can help turn any shop into a winning team.”

Kathy Molloy, Editor, Designer’s Forum

Speed to Market is dumbfounding in its practicality. It makes you wonder why more how-to books aren’t written this way.”

Donald A. Keal, Principal, Joshua Jordan Associates

“Mr. Bozzone addresses the issues around his topic with clear and direct prose that reflect his even more clear and direct thinking.”

Richard B. Hardy, Chairman & CEO, Hyde Tools

“There’s a lot in here…picks up where The Goal left off.”

Jim Smith, Assembly Magazine

“Although Bozzone doesn’t employ the Socratic method and fictional set pieces favored by Eli Goldratt, both provide profound yet simple answers to complex problems we all face every day. Goldratt taught us the basis for judging a company in The Goal, and how to work through bottlenecks in Theory of Constraints. Bozzone teaches the practical planning and execution required to stay one step ahead of delivery requirements without going broke.”

Don Williams, ManufacturingManager. Kennetex, Inc.

“I like it. It’s to-the-point, plain English, and dead-nuts on.”

Frank Covich, President, National Association of Independent Business Brokers

“A gold mine of profit opportunities. Must reading for any owner who wants to increase the marketability and selling price of his or her business.”

Mark Winger, The Pride Team

 “If you are serious about reducing lead time and increasing profitability, Speed to Market is required reading.”

Donald F. Utter, Senior Organization Design Consultant, Lucent Technologies

“Clear step-by-step approaches that will help a lot of suppliers improve performance and profits.”

Professor S. A. Irani, Department of Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering, Ohio State University

“The questionnaire used for shop assessment is a valuable tool. Use of actual client experiences is a highlight of the book.”

Richard B. Mroczek, The Infoactive Training Group, Montreal, Canada

Speed to Market is a must-read. Speed to Market is an easy read. Speed to Market should be on your bookshelf!”

Brad Kuvin, Editor, Welding Design and Fabrication Magazine

“I recommend the book to any owner and manager of a job shop or custom manufacturing business.”

Hallock C. Campell, Welding Journal, December, 1998

“Author Vincent Bozzone, a consultant who has worked with more than 300 companies, should be proud of this compact, seven-chapter guidebook. All in all, Bozzone will give you a new perspective on your business.”

Modern Casting Magazine

“Written specifically for owners and managers of custom manufacturing job shops, Speed to Market: How to Cut Lead Time and Increase Profits in Job Shops and Custom Manufacturing Environments, is a book that provides a roadmap for companies. Its strategy results in more sales, lower costs, improved cash flow and better bottom line profits.”

John T. Shincovich, Group Vice President, E. J. Brooks Company

Speed to Market is a very valuable concept that has high levels of payback when properly understood and applied.”

Catherine M. Frank, Editor, Manufacturing Job Shops Industry Report, Small Business Research & Information Center, University of Missouri.

“I found your book, Speed to Market, to be a useful, inspirational, and one-of-a-kind resource in our efforts to compile the often difficult-to-organize issues and resources related to these businesses.”

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