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Hello. My name is Vincent Bozzone. I am the author of Job Shop 360, the only management training program for make-to-order businesses on the planet. It is specifically designed to enable job shops to become more competitive and profitable through the application of sound strategies, concepts and tools. These are based on the concept of actionable intelligence which means putting the newfound knowledge to use immediately in order to see results.

At this point, you might want to continue reading this Introduction, or view Learning Module # 1 Orientation and Key Concepts. If you like what you learned and want to learn more, then subscribe to Job Shop 360 for a year for $1400 and get your entire team of key people all on the same page.

Someone asked me recently where did this material come from? I said it came from the field working with job shops almost exclusively since 1990 to improve performance and profitability. Prior to that I worked in mass production manufacturing environments which give me a unique perspective which is to see and contrast one to the other.

Job Shop 360 covers all the critical areas in job shop management. You will learn how to use horizontal management; how to increase sales by cutting lead time and better quoting; how to build a dashboard with key metrics that enable you to gain control over your business; how to strategically position your shop to increase sales; how to increase your hit rate by quoting and pricing more effectively; a better approach to capacity management and scheduling that will reduce disorder on the floor; the benefits of integrating production and pre-production to speed work through the shop, and more.

As a special feature, you will learn a new paradigm for organizing and managing your shop to solve a problem you don’t even know you have. This is a revolutionary approach for organizing and managing you shop that is at the heart of many of the chronic problems you deal with every day and can’t seem to solve.

Job Shop 360 is composed of 7 Learning Modules each with a half hour video presentation along with detailed articles on every aspect of job shop management. A quiz for each will ensure comprehension.

Click on the links below to see details of each Learning Module.

My mission is to be an advocate for the management of job shops. They have been ignored in the management literature and in academe. Have you ever seen a Job Shop 101 Management course in any college or university? Me either.

The problem with being ignored in favor of larger mass production organizations is that a vacuum is created in the job shop world. And into that vacuum came the ideas beliefs, concepts, and tools from the mass production world. Job shops had no theory or tools, so something looked better than nothing. Job shops are being hampered by mass production ideology and don’t even know it.

The absolute greatest obstacle to improving a job shop’s performance and profitability is using a functional organization structure that suits a mass production environment, and is detrimental to a job shop. What would you replace it with? I’ll show you in Learning Module #7.

Job shop 360 will show you this problem and then how to correct it. I cannot begin to estimate the financial return you will enjoy when you move your continuous improvement efforts to the next level.

In addition to imparting knowledge and actionable intelligence, Job Shop 360 can be used as an applied management training program; as a means of driving continuous improvement to higher levels; as a teambuilding educational course that will cause you management team and key people to be on the same page (i.e., have a common understanding of the organization and how it is supposed to work).

Job Shop360 is a real bargain when you consider the cost of sending one of you employees to a seminar. Job Shop 360 has no travel, food, and lodging expenses. Why send one of your people to a university workshop with expensive fees and travel expenses only to have one person learn one technique? That doesn’t make much sense to me given that Job Shop 360 can train all your people and arm them with a myriad of actionable strategies with 35 opportunities to drive continuous improvement, get everyone on the same page, improve competitiveness, and see substantial results on the bottom line.

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Here is what clients have to say:

“I guarantee you will never look at your shop in the same way again.”
-Don Mekkes, Former President, Tool Ventures International, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“There is nothing else like it out there.”
-Paul Walsh, COO of Ascent Aerospace, Santa Ana, California

“Hi Vince,

I’ve read your book, Speed to Market, and when I found out about your JobShop360 program, I immediately signed up. It’s clear you understand the challenges we (job shop owners) face, and the major differences between “mass production” and “job shop”. Your program specifically addresses these challenges, and provides for a solid framework from which to build upon.

Your program has great fundamentals that we can use to manage and grow our business – the quotes to cash process, and the weekly progress report to name a couple. The program also helped us to gain better “perspective” on what matters most to our business (instead of looking at things in a traditional, mass production way).

There is no other resource like your program for job shop managers, and I would highly recommend to anyone who is involved with a Job shop.

-Steve Bennett, General Manager, Industrial Furnace Interiors, Inc., Sterling Heights, Michigan

“I have read both editions of your “Speed To Market” books several times and have successfully implemented your strategies to help three separate companies. Your concepts and strategies are awesome and they work.”
-Chuck Finzer, Vice President of Sales, Jones Sign

“The information you share has been like GOLD to my business. I am now convinced that whether you’re a big or small business, the benefits of incorporating what you teach from the Job Shop 360 series, is guaranteed to transform the bottom line of any business.”
-Tony Gorkiewicz, Owner, Ten Ten Video Production Studios, Keego Harbor, Michigan

“I thought it was important to support the production of Job Shop 360 because Kurek Tool has first hand reaped the benefits of working with Vince Bozzone. He is a great communicator and his vast knowledge coupled with his many years of experience in the manufacturing industry has helped us become a more well organization and successful job shop.”
-JoAnn Kurek, Owner and President, Kurek Tool, Inc. Saginaw, Michigan

Thank you,

Vincent Bozzone

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