Learning Module 5: Improve On-Time Shipping by Clear Capacity Management & Scheduling Options

“Chaos on the floor means profits out the door.” Judging by the number of people who complain about it, scheduling must be one of the most challenging problems in the job shop world. There are any number of schedule interruptions…customers changing requirements, changing dates, quoting too short lead times, lack of capacity management, and emergency orders among other things.

Schedule changes add cost but these costs are hidden. There is no line on your income statement that says “Cost of rescheduling orders in production.”

This module shows you:

  • How to avoid chaos and increase on-time ship performance.
  • How to link sales to estimating and production.
  • How to avoid over selling capacity and creating late shipments.
  • How to reduce disruptions and rescheduling jobs in production.

This module provides a blueprint for a scheduling system, as well as describes the  organizational relationships required to move work through the shop smoothly.

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