Learning Module 3: Managing with Data: Designing & Using a Dashboard with Key Metrics

Are you managing with data or by the seat of your pants? Would you like to have accurate, timely data on your key metrics delivered to you and your management team on a weekly basis?

This module will show you how to design and implement a Weekly Performance Report (WPR) based on an Excel® spreadsheet, an absolute necessity for managing a job shop business (or any business for that matter). This includes selecting the proper metrics as well as a method for collecting and reporting performance on these metrics weekly. The WPR also graphs each metric so you can see trends over time.

Here’s what a few long-time users have to say:

I don’t know how you can manage a business without one.Richard B. Hardy, Chairman and CEO, Hyde Tools, Southbridge Massachusetts

It focuses us on the things that are important, and has been very helpful in educating myself and my entire staff. We’re really pleased with the results.Jim Carter, General Partner, Digital Machining Systems, Duson, Louisiana

The Weekly Performance Report enables us to see our entire business all at once. This perspective lets us move more quickly, make better decisions, and act with confidence. In addition, it focuses each of our key players on their part of the business which assures accountability and results. Al Choiniere, President, Superion, Inc., Xenia, Ohio

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