Learning Module 1:  Orientation and Key Concepts

The overall objective is to show how actionable perspectives and concepts are used to drive continuous improvement in job shops. It outlines why job shops are so difficult to manage, and some background on Vincent Bozzone who designed the program.  Some of the actionables delivered include:

  • Recognizing ajob shop is not a factory (avoid mass production improvement programs)
  • Job shop characteristics (clarity of business types)
  • Examples of types of shops (challenges the machine shop stereotype)
  • Why so difficult to manage?
  • Structure-process comparison (actionable perspective)
  • Horizontal management (actionableperspective)
  • Conversion processes (actionable concept)
  • Program design logic (insight)
  • Return on investment (small improvement leverages net profit)
  • Job shops as service businesses (actionable perspective)

Although there is no charge to view this module, it is an integral part of Job Shop 360.

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