The first step to up your game is an honest self-appraisal of your business situation. Administer this survey to your key people, tabulate the results, calculate the tangible and intangible costs of continuing to live with these problems, and then decide to move forward with Job Shop 360.

Is This Your Shop? Y N
1.  Our customers want it all: price, quality, fast delivery.

2.  Customers change priorities; cause confusion; add cost.

3.  We are continually rescheduling orders in production.

4.  We need to increase sales—competition is fierce.

5.  We’re unsure about the accuracy of our estimates.

6.  Our lead times are too long.

7.  WIP is too high with too many orders on the floor.

8.  Rework is killing us.

9. A psychological wall exists between the office & shop.

10.  We seem to have the same problems over & over.

11.  Set-ups and changeovers take too long.

12.  We don’t know if we make or lose money on orders.

13.  We continually ship late.

14.  Getting accurate information is a nightmare.

15.  Cash flow is a constant problem.

16.  We are marginally profitable.

Total “YES”

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