4. Features and Benefits

There is more to upping your game than cutting lead time.  Job Shop 360 is a comprehensive treatment of your entire quotes to cash job shop business process.

JobShop360 is Actionable.  This means the material presented can be used immediately without having to wait for any program implementation.

It’s not a fad-of- the-month program. In fact, it is not a “program” at all in the sense of imposing some scheme or another on your business you have to follow.

No Travel and no travel expenses.  Why send one of your people to a university workshop with total fees and travel expenses in the $2000 range and learn only one technique?  For a little bit more and a whole lot less per person, you will have room for all your key people and a total wrap-around program that shows different types of improvements that can be made throughout the entire quotes to cash job shop business process.

Each Learning Module comes with a set of related print articles that provide additional detail.

Training through Job Shop 360 creates a common understanding among everyone on the management team.

JobShop360 has a high level of payback.  Let’s say $2,000,000 shop ups its game and realizes a 5% improvement in gross profit.  That 5% is worth $100,000.  Not a bad payback for a $3600 investment. If your shop is larger and your projected improvement is greater, you can run the numbers for yourself.

You are not alone.  When you join the program, you are enrolled in a discussion group of job shop owners and managers moderated by Vince Bozzone.  Here you can ask questions, bounce ideas around, share your experience, and brag about your achievements.

If you are ready to up your game there is no better or easier way to accomplish this than Job Shop 360. If you want to talk with me personally, you can contact me through the web site. Thank you for watching. I look forward to working with you.

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