With a custom built shop that features over 25,000 square feet of space, Delta Dynamics is large enough to offer one-stop machining and gearing solutions, while being small enough to provide extensive, in-depth design assistance services to every customer.

*NEW* Delta Dynamics Inc. is proud to inform you that we have acquired a Doosan Puma 700XLY Heavy Duty Turning Center (5.05m/198.8” lathe), and are currently accepting job orders. With this acquisition, which adds a full 2 meters (78.7”) in length to our existing 3m turning capacity, Delta Dynamics Inc. is now more capable than ever to handle all of your heavy duty, large shaft manufacturing needs. The new machine is scheduled to begin operation in March, and production orders are already pouring in.

The following is a list of our Machine Shop services and capabilities.




CNC Gear Grinder with On-Board Probing & Inspection To 31.5″ (800mm) Dia. × 15.75″ (400mm) Face Length
Mititoyo Granite Surface Plate with Digital Height Gauge To 0.00001″ graduations
Dedicated Inspection Table






Turning CNC Lathes To 40.5″ × 198.8″ (1030mm x 5000mm) 2 Axis/3 Axis/4 Axis
3 Axis with Live Tooling/Milling
4 Axis with Live Tooling/Milling
CNC Vertical Boring Mill To 78.75″ × 67.75″ (2000mm x 1550mm)
3 Axis with Live Tooling/Milling
Manual To 31.5″ × 118″ (800mm x 3000mm) with DRO
Milling CNC – 4 Axis To 79″ × 59″ (2000mm x 1500mm)
CNC Horizontal Millling Center 39.4″ × 39.4″ (1000mm x 1000mm) pallets
78.7″×49.2“×49.2″ (2000mm x 1250mm x 1250mm) working envelope






Racks 40″ (1020mm) face width Unlimited Length 96 DP to 0.5 DP
Helical and Spur Gears Cut Teeth To 118″ (3000mm) 96 DP to 0.5 DP
Ground Teeth To 31.5″ (800mm) 32 DP to 2.0 DP
Worm Wheels To 96″ (2440mm) 96 DP to 0.5 DP
Worm Shafts To 40.5″ (1030mm) 96 DP to 0.5 DP
Splined Shafts To 56″ (1420mm) 96 DP to 0.5 DP
Double Helical To 118″ (3000mm) 96 DP to 0.5 DP
Internal Gears/Splines To 71″ (1800mm) 96 DP to 0.5 DP
Sprockets To 118″ (3000mm) 96 DP to 0.5 DP






Gear Reducers Parallel Shaft, Right Angle Shaft With test run, vibration and heat signatures
Planetary Gear Reducers Multi-Stage

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