Intro to Job Shop 360

What is Job Shio 360 and how does it work?

Job Shop 360 is my way of giving back to the job shop community that has supported me for the past 20 years. I want to share what I have learned with people who actually run these types of businesses, and help them put it into practice. Job Shop 360 is an actionable approach designed to enable job shops to up their game…to be more competitive and profitable.
Job Shop 360 brings together virtual consulting with a do-it-yourself approach. I provide the knowledge and guidance; you are responsible for using it. The key is to put this learning to use and to see results.
There are 7 learning modules in Job Shop 360, one per month for six months. They span the entire job shop business process from quotes to cash. Each of the modules is composed of a video presentation along with print materials that provide additional “how to” detail for actionable elements. For example, one module shows how to cut lead time; another how to use feedback loops; and another how for capacity and scheduling. You can see the full list on
Job Shop 360 is not expensive. Why spend a couple of thousand dollars to send one person to a seminar where they learn one technique when you can equip your entire team with a comprehensive approach for much less and get them all on the same page?
The types of shops most likely to use and befit from Job Shop 360 would be:

Metal Cutting: Tool and Die Shops, Machine Shops, Mold Shops (Plastic injection and die cast), Fabrication and Assembly, Wood Products, , Custom Design and Build, Prototype Shops
Job Shop 360comes with a money-back guarantee. Have you ever seen a management seminar or university course with a money back guarantee? I don’t think so. My guarantee shows you how confident I am in the results you will achieve with Job Shop 360 when you do your part. Results can be well worth your effort. If a three million dollar a year business gross margins increase by a conservative 3%, that is equivalent to $90,000 in your pocket. You can run the numbers for your own business.
If you are ready to up your game, there is no better or easier way to accomplish this than Job Shop 360. If you want to talk with me personally, you can contact me through the web site. Thank you for watching. I look forward to working with you.

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