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Vincent Bozzone, the Marco Polo of Job Shops

Vincent Bozzone has studied, written about, and consulted with job shops since the early 1990s.  His first book, Speed to Market: How to Cut Lead Time and Increase Profits in Job Shops and Custom Manufacturing Environments was published in 1998.  At that time, there was not one book or publication that addressed the needs of the job shop manager. Vince, who once owned and ran a job shop, believed this was an important void to fill.   This is the origin of speed to market and the fuel which propels further study and resulting publications aimed at job shop owners and managers.

Interviewer: “Why Marco Polo?”
Vince:   “I feel like I discovered job shops as a specific type of business that has to be managed differently from larger production manufacturing businesses.  When we think of manufacturing, we typically think of mass production with factories turning out truckloads of the same product.  That’s far different from the job shop world where things are made according to customers’ specifications. The nature of a job shop is more along the lines of a craft enterprise. It is really a service business, and has to be managed accordingly. People are more skilled than typical factory workers.  I wrote a paper on this, “Job Shops are not Factories!”

Vincent Bozzone has generated millions of dollars in new revenues and earnings for companies as a result of his ability to conceive, plan, and implement sustaining solutions for a broad range of strategic and operating problems. He has led or supported more than 800 consulting engagements in a wide range of industries.  He developed the educational materials you will find on this web site.  His intent is to provide job shops and custom manufacturing businesses with the information, expertise, and confidence they need to compete effectively in an ever more demanding business environment.  Vince is an MBA graduate of Columbia University, a Past President of the Association for the Management of Organization Design, and lives in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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