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Vincent Bozzone is the author of two job shop management books. Speed to Market: How to Cut Lead time and Increase Profits in Job Shops and Custom Manufacturing Environments (1995), and Speed to Market: Lean Manufacturing for Job Shops (2001). These books were the result of Vince’s recognizing the lack of awareness about these types of order-driven businesses, as well as the lack of any specific education and training in job shop management. Improvement programs, such as they were, were based on mass production manufacturing operations which bear little resemblance to order-driven job shops. These books provide the foundation for JobShop360 which goes beyond Speed to Market in scope and depth.

Vince has worked as a consultant in manufacturing since 1975. He began to focus exclusively on job shops in the early-nineties. The Speed to Market books and Job Shop 360 are based on work with a number of job shop clients over the last 20+ years here and abroad.

His client-centered engagements have generated millions of dollars in new revenues and earnings for companies as a result of his ability to conceive, plan, and implement solutions for a broad range of strategic and operating problems. He has led or supported more than 1000 consulting engagements in a wide range of industries since 1975. He is an MBA graduate of Columbia University where he was awarded a Samuel Bronfman Fellowship to further the use of systems thinking to improve business decision making.

Prior to that, Vince Graduated from the City College of New York, Baruch School, with a BBA degree cum laude. He has also written several articles for professional journals and business publications, a chapter in the Handbook of Organizational Consultation, and two books on international business. He is a Past President of the Association for the Management of Organization Design (AMOD) He lives in Clarkston, Michigan.

 Vincent Bozzone, Master of Awareness

Definition of awareness: the quality or state of being aware; knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists; promoting a heightened awareness of the problem “Merriam Webster dictionary”

I met Vincent Bozzone, who I call, the “Master of Awareness” in 1975 when we were both working on a big consulting project for Borg Warner Corporation in Wooster, Ohio. I was a new process consultant, and Vince was the director of our client training programs. Vince had a master’s degree in management from an Ivy League university, he was bright, and worked on many levels. This included working directly with clients as well as training consulting staff on projects.

Vince was also the consultant to the owners of our consulting group, the Institute of Management Resources (IMR). In a short period of time, IMR grew to have hundreds of consultants working across America. Because of his education and experience Vince had a highened awareness of what methods should be used to obtain the results our clients were paying us to produce. Vince helped me to learn how to look at industrial production systems and organizations, and that became a theme of my consulting career.

We all need mentors, Vince became mine. My message today is “find your mentor.” Watch how they operate and seek their wisdom. Try new ways of looking at things, and take action based on a better understanding of a situation. In my case Vince became a lifetime friend. He helped me to create the National Association of Independent Business Brokers; he helped develop my business broker training system; we have spent 40 years discussing collaborating on ideas and projects.

Today, Vincent Bozzone is a published business writer, having written two books on job shop management. He recently developed JobShop360, the only job shop management training program on the planet. He also developed The Job Shop Knowledge Store, a series of eBooks that use actionable intelligence to drive continuous improvement and solve chronic problems in job shops. He distilled 40+ years of management consulting experience with over 1,000 companies into clearly written “how to” texts, videos, and PowerPoint presentations specifically to show job shops and make-to-order companies how to become more competitive and profitable.

I admire Vince for his dedication, wisdom, creativity and writing skills. I would say with total confidence that Vince Bozzone is the world’s leading authority on how to best structure and manage these types of businesses. Vince’s common sense approach will show you:

  • What needs to be improved;
  • Why it needs to be improved;
  • And how to go about improving it

Make it your mission to find your Vince Bozzone. As you start your own business, think about who you admire that is successful and seek their words of wisdom.

Frank Covich
National Association of Independent Business brokers NAIBB 2018

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